Friday, March 20, 2009

Roomie Days...

He is a roomie
So it seems
We make coffee, conversation, and dinner
And share a laugh or two seein whats on T.V.

It was temporary at first;
one month two month three months FIVE
he was crashin on my couch just tryin to survive

We slaved over coffee
Hatin on the world;
of business suits and corporate ladders
Makin our paychecks stagger
while their wallets kept gettin fatter...

Our bitter days soon came to an end
we left the beans and ladders
to grind over eachother and flatter
and we became better friends...

I now stand in his doorway...
procrastinating in my rhymes
telling my day to day stories
acting like he has all the time...

He nods politely and listens
He gives me insight and vision
and at times becomes my therapy session...

He is more my friend
and gets me for me...
the girl i am free to be...
the "just me" you dont see...

-March 19,2009

Currently Listening to: Beirut
Album: March of the Zapotec